Thunderstor™ XD4
Desktop Thunderbolt 2 to Quad PCIe Expansion Chassis



As technology advances, computer hardware manufacturers are putting more stress on the computers computing power performance and I/O speeds. Technological advances result in superior design and smaller form factor of desktop, workstation, and laptop computers. With the lake of internal expansion in the new computers, Rocstor’s Thunderstor XD4 is a perfect solution for users that demand a solid expansion chassis without forgoing any I/O performance.


TAA Compliant




    • Rackmount expansion chassis form factor
    • Four x16 (mechanically, x4 electrically) PCIe Slot. Supports PCIe cards, up to full-height and half-length peripherals.
    • Two Thuderbolt 2 ports for Daisy chaining up to six devices to a single port on a computer
    • USA designed and made. TAA compliant
    • PCIe Expansion cards with computers without PCIe Slots
    • Ultra-quite with virtually no sound using a 430 watt power supply

Rocstor’s Thunderstor expansion chassis are made in USA and are designed for professionals that demand quality. Video professionals and post-production houses are facing unprecedented challenges. As media technology continues to evolve, projects are getting larger and more complex. It has become necessary to connect multiple cards such as HBA, RAID, or video cards to a Mac© via Thunderbolt™ connection.


The Thunderstor XD4 supports all compatible PCIe cards, up to full-height and full-length peripherals. It provides extra DC power connections for GPUs requiring those connections.

The Tunderstor XD4 offers four full-bandwidth PCIe slots, using two independent Thunderbolt™ 20Gbps bridge circuits: One Thunderbolt Bridge drives two slots, and a second internal Thunderbolt bridge drives the other two slots. Connections to the host Mac Pro include using two of the three available Thunderbolt bus connections to the Mac. Daisy-chain expansion beyond the Thunderstor XD4 is also available via its four Thunderbolt expansion ports.

The advantage of this architecture is enhanced operating bandwidth for demanding applications which will utilize all the 20Gbps bandwidth available from each Thunderbolt port.

Rocstor’s vision for professional users solves expansion issues by providing a series of PCIe to Thunderbolt 2 expansion chassis, cutting-edge solutions all built upon industry’s PCIe open and extensible platform. Our solutions enable you to very easily install Four x16 (mechanically, x4 electrically) PCIe card in Thunderstor XD4 and then use your Thunderstor XD4 via fast Thunderbolt 2 connection to a host computer. Thuderstor XD4 provide you with Four 20Gbs Thunderbolt 2 I/O ports so other compatible Thunderbolt devices can be daisy-chained. US designed and made, Thunderstor combines an ultra-quite 460 watt power supply with a rugged powder coated finish.