Monitor Mount Solution

Workstation Solution

Rocstor's ErgoReach and ErgoCenter series exemplify the company's commitment to innovative ergonomic solutions, designed to enhance productivity and comfort for a wide range of users. The ErgoReach line offers exceptional adjustability for monitors, TVs, and keyboards, ensuring an optimal viewing and interaction experience. Its innovative design allows for effortless repositioning with consistent force, accommodating a diverse array of weights through a simple adjustment mechanism. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for environments demanding flexibility and ease of use. Meanwhile, the ErgoCenter series redefines the workstation, offering versatile wall-mount or desk-mount options that cater to both sitting and standing work preferences. These solutions not only optimize workspace by freeing up floor area but also integrate concealed power outlets, harmonizing functionality with sleek design. Ideal for sectors like healthcare, government, corporate, and education, the ErgoCenter solutions facilitate comfortable, collaborative workspaces that adapt to the user's needs, setting a new standard in ergonomic office equipment.


Rocstor's ErgoReach monitor arms embody cutting-edge innovation,

focusing on user-centric design for unparalleled ergonomic support. With both desk and wall mount options, these professional-grade stands offer unmatched adjustability. Whether it's for intense work sessions or dynamic collaborative environments, ErgoReach ensures your monitor is always in the perfect position, enhancing comfort and productivity.


Maximize your workspace with Rocstor's ErgoCenter Workstation solutions

designed to enhance efficiency and versatility. Whether opting for wall or desk mounts, these workstations free up valuable space, offering a sleek, compact design without compromising functionality. Ideal for any setting that demands flexibility and innovation, ErgoCenter transforms your area into a hub of productivity and potential.