Rocbolt® R22 Slim 4 Digit Combination Lock for Laptops & Devices


Rocstor Rocbolt R22 Premium Combination Cable with Slim Lock – 4-digit Combination Lock – 6 ft (2m) – For Slim Notebook, Ultra Notebooks, Desktop Computer, Monitor, Docking Station -Resettable Combination – Galvanized Heavy Duty Steel Construction

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Rocbolt R22 Premium and Heavy-Duty 4-Digit Combination Cable with Slim Lock provides an enhanced security for your Slim and Ultra Laptops, Chromebooks, Desktops, Monitors, Docking Stations, Projectors and other compatible devices in offices, schools, and other public areas. Rocbolt security combo locks provide an exceptional asset security and helps to reduce theft. They are tested for torque/pull, foreign implements, lock lifecycle, corrosion, key strength, and other environmental conditions. Nearly thousands of notebooks and other portable devices are stolen everyday – protect your valuable assets by using the heavy-duty Rocbolt cable combination lock system. The push-button design enables one- hand operation for easy installation. Rocstor’s Rocbolt R22 provides a strong and heavy-duty Slim lockhead system which prevents intruders tampering with the lock. Rocbolt lock comes with a preset combination which can be easily reset and provides a 6ft galvanized heavy-duty steel cable. Customers are able to order the Rocbolt R22 with an option of Like Keyed or Master Keyed configuration. Rocbolt security cables are affordable and have two (2) years of warranty.

Lock and Register – Lock Management Platform

Rocstor’s Lock and Register cloud-based management platform provides all users, IT managers, and administrators the right solution to register their key or lock combination codes. Each user, IT Manager or administrator is provided an individual account for the registration process. Individual users can simply register the lock’s unique key number or their lock combination code. IT managers or administrators can also manage their organization’s key or lock combination registration in large scale deployment. Either by user’s single lock registration or large master key registration. The registration is easy, safe and it enables a simple process which safely records the combination codes and key numbers so users or IT managers can update user information, retrieve combination codes and request for key replacements.

Register your Rocbolt Combination or Lock Code at:

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Material: Galvanized Steel, Zinc Alloy
Cable Length: 6 ft (1.8 m)
Brand Name: Rocstor
Produc tLine: Rocbolt
Lock Configuration Type: Combination Slim Lock
Locking Combination: 4-digit
Product Type: Cable Lock
Product Name: Rocbolt R22 Portable Security Cable With Slim Combination Lock
Product Type: Cable Lock
Limited Warranty: 2 Year
Package Contents:  – Security lock
– 2 x Secure spacer
– 1 x Velcrostrap
– User Manual and Warranty Insert
Certificate: RoHS
Device Supported: Notebook
Environmentally Friendly:  Yes



Limited Warranty: 2 Year

User Manual

Y1RB002-B1 Manual


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