Rocstor SP10 Screen Protector for iPhone® 11 Pro Max (Or higher model) – Premium Tough Tempered Blue Glass – 4X Shatter Protection – TAA Compliant


Rocstor SP10 Screen Protector for iPhone® 11 Pro Max (Or higher model) – 100% High Clarity Rating – Premium Tough Tempered Blue Glass – Blue Light Protection – Anti-Bacterial Feature – High Impact Shock & Scratch Resistant – 4X Shatter Protection – Oil-Resistant – Disinfectable – TAA Compliant – Lifetime Limited Warranty
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Rocstor SP10 Advanced Screen Protector

Built Tough. Blue Light Filter and Anti-microbial Protection

Rocstor SP10 screen protector series are designed to be tough, extremely durable, and it protects your screen from unforeseen impact damage. It is designed in USA and made with the most durable multi-layer Tempered Glass. The Blue Light Filter feature protects eye strain from prolonged exposure to your phone screen. The Blue Light Protective layer in SP10 series filters harmful High-Energy Visible (HEV) light generated from your cellular phone’s display. The anti-microbial technology in Rocstor’s SP10 protective glass protects 100% of the most common surface bacteria on your screen. This advanced feature is embedded in the tempered glass so it will not wear off. Rocstor’s SP10 utilizes the aluminosilicate glass which goes thru tempering process which ensures glass surface tension and 4X robust and scratch-resistant protector. Rocstor SP10 is backed by its Worry-Free Limited Lifetime Warranty. If your SP10 screen protector ever gets worn or damaged, we will replace it for as long as you are the registered owner of the device.




  • Worry-Free Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Anti-microbial technology protects 100% of most common surface bacteria on screen
  • Protective layer feature to guard your eyes from Blue-light and harmful High-Energy Visible (HEV) lights
  • Robust and scratch-resistant 4x Tempered Glass for premium screen protection
  • Anti-Fingerprint technology hides the visibility of fingerprints on the SP10 screen protector
  • Built tough around corners and edges to prevent chips and cracks
  • Bubble-Free and accurate. SP10 features an advanced adhesive technology for ease of installation and advanced touch feature


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